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MeydaStore - Meyda Tiffany, Meyda Tiffany Lights
Meyda Tiffany Authorized Dealer

Guarantee and Safety:

When you are buying from a company that is certified by Meyda Tiffany to sell their products it comes with many benefits. MeydaStore.com, a TSCShops.com store, is a trusted authorized dealer of Meyda Tiffany fixtures, and our customer service staff is trained to assist you with any question you may have prior to making a purchase and after the purchase. MeydaStore is also an authorized warranty center for Meyda Tiffany. The main benefit of buying from a authorized online dealer is the warranty. Only an authorized dealer can truly honor all manufacturer warranties, and national Meyda Tiffany warranty shops will not honor warranties from non approved sites. So if something did go wrong you can feel confident that your Meyda Tiffany fixture will be repaired or replaced by manufacturer approved technicians who are experts with their products.

Dangers of Buying from Unauthorized Dealers:

If you buy Meyda Tiffany fixture(s) from an Internet auction site or unauthorized dealer you run the risk of receiving defective merchandise, counterfeit products, or items that have been tampered with prior to purchase. Some unauthorized dealers even sell used and refurbished products and market as new. All Meyda Tiffany fixtures that are sold on Auction and unauthorized dealer sites would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so take this into consideration when purchasing from sites like Amazon and eBay.

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